Digital Beggar

The Digital Beggar who took beg from Credit card

This world is full of Amazing and weird people. Some peoples are known for their weird style and other work. Today we talk about a beggar who is totally different from another beggar.

 This beggar took beg also from the credit card if you have no changes, This is Amazing !!  This beggar changes the whole rule of begging. Now we introduce who is the Digital beggar.

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This beggar lives in Detroit city in America name Eb Haggonstone. From last many years he did beg like this If anybody says so Haggonstone that they have no money so Haggonstone said give money thru credit card.


According to the newspaper ‘The Telegraph‘ Haggonstone beg last from many years. Haggonstone beg in red light where several cars stopped during a red light signal. In initial day many peoples say no to Haggonstone because of no change so he bought a credit card machine that accept all of these VISA, MASTER और AMERICAN CARD.

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Now if anyone excuses for giving money that they have no changes Haggonstone give them the option of a credit card.

Not only this amazing thing about according to Haggonstone he is also on Professional site Linkedin profile and he also wrote in a board that shelter is full please book a Hotel for him.

Digital Beggar

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