Super Earth

Astronomers spotted “Super Earth” which is not far away

Astronomers discovered planets all around the universe some may huge some may dwarf some may very far some may very near. A recent discovery of Super earth is incredible and this is also not far away like another discovered planet it about Six light years away.

Super Earth

Astronomers have spotted and believe this is three time of the earth size and massive rocky world their. Super-earth is a very interesting discovery according to astronomers.

In a new paper published in Nature, researchers explain that they’ve detected a dip in the brightness of a nearby red dwarf known as Barnard’s star. That dip, which occurs every 233 days, might be the telltale sign that a planet is in orbit around it.

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After a lot of observation of collected data about this scientist believe and say the planet orbiting the dim star is a big ball of rock much like Earth, However, because its host star is so mild, it’s likely that the planet is seriously chilly

As like our sun, the red dwarf orbited by the super earth is only 0.4% bright. this cause very low glow on the planet and getting very little energy as it drifts in orbit. SO you wouldn’t want to visit there because of this, Super-earth temperature is around 247-degree Fahrenheit below 0

The nearest single star to the Sun hosts an exoplanet at least 3.2 times as massive as Earth — a so-called Super Earth. Data from a worldwide array of telescopes, including ESO’s planet-hunting HARPS instrument, have revealed this frozen, dimly lit world. The newly discovered planet is the second-closest known exoplanet to the Earth and orbits the fastest moving star in the night sky

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