1950's fashion

1950s fashion History of Men and Women

After the second world war, the 1950’s fashion took a big leap in the way people dress. Women become more independent. Independent in their thoughts, in their way of doing things, they started become job oriented and less dependent on men when it comes to financial matter.

Most surprisingly, women have evolved as fashion icons in the 1950’s. Not only women but men too have accepted these changes gracefully with vibrant colours. They have become more casual than formal in their outfits.

1950s Fashion History for Women

1950's fashion

The 1950’s introduce many new challenging style for women, in the industries as well as in the community. It may not be as extreme as, it is in the ’60s or ’70s but it is quite daunting to know that women clothing has been less restricted after the war and the used of fine fabric like silk and satin were introduced.

This new trend was far better in the Europeans countries as it gives women, freedom to express themselves compares to their tight undergarments and boned corset in the eighteen centuries, which most women find it difficult even to breathe.

In India, women started wearing western dresses such as a narrow skirt and blouses with parallel pants. Puff sleeves were also introduced for wearing sarees and kurta pajamas have become more tight fitting with a modest neckline and big hemline.

The whole new look was eloquent and trendy. Many dresses and skirt were pleated with floral prints and polka dots. Plaid was very popular and some dresses have large bows at the waistline. Wide collars and quarter sleeves were used and the length of the dresses was either just above or below the knee.

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Different Waistline throughout the 1950s

This vintage style was a huge makeover with the different waistline. In 1950-51, tiny waistline was introduced, like that of an hourglass. Many designers focus on the waist and sleeves and women were quite taken by a tiny waist.

Well, in 1952-54, the waistline was raised from high waist to no waist and all. The waistline was looser now and by the end of 1954, women has lost their dominance over a tiny waist.

Clothes becomes contemporary as people move on to 1955-57. They start looking for more personal and formal clothes now. Designers introduce new style now, with pocket blouse and pants or a narrow skirt.

By the end of 1950s designers create the new silhouette by manipulating various fabrics. Necklines and shoulders become more geometric in shape.

The Fashion Trend in the 1950s

1950's fashion

Women have many dresses for different purposes. I love the way these women have different dresses for various occasions. They have the party dress, the evening dress, the prom dress, the going out dress and the cocktail dress.

All these dresses were being paired with a purse, pencil shoes, coats in winter and sometimes fancy hats. Let’s have a look at the most iconic trend in those years.

  • The swing dresses with petticoats, knee length
  • Narrow or pencil skirt with heels
  • Small fancy hats, head scarfs, gloves and stockings
  • Cardigans sweater and swing coats in winter
  • Jewelry and matching accessories like handbags or purse, brooches and hairpins or clips
  • Slim sheath dresses and suits
  • High waist pants with saddle shoes

1950s Fashion History for men

1950's fashion

Men dress style have evolved along with women too, in the 1950’s.  Men wore a serious somber business suit for office work and formal occasion and bright vibrant colors for formal or weekend wear. Labor workers wear uniforms.

During weekends or holidays, men wear lounge clothes at home and sports clothes for playing or viewing sport and swim clothes for beach.

New synthetic materials were also made and sports coats and blazers were introduced. Blazers with a different variety of color were used.

Another interesting material for men in the 1950’s was the jersey. Jersey was usually worn with texture pants all year through, making them the most comfortable clothes of all time.

The Pants: The most casual clothing for men

Men’s casual pants, trousers, and slacks came in varieties like than of women dress.  Most men wore sports coats with smooth texture pants. Both coats and pants are of the same color. This was mostly meant for formal dress.

Next was the slack, which was made from linen. Unlike pants, slacks have no pleats and were close-fitting at the waist and the legs were slightly slim. They had side welts pockets and small hem.

The Shorts

The shorts were very popular in the 1950’s for men. They wear them for sports, outing, and beachwear and they come in different colors. Some men wear a bow tie too with shorts and pair them with loafers.

Shorts came in plain colors as well as in plaid. Some come in stripes and have a belt too. Shorts have a different length. The athlete wears shorter shorts as compared to other men. Swim shorts are also available and are much shorter than athlete shorts.

These are the few fashion styles of men and women in 1950’s fashion trend. Do let us know, what’s your favorite fashion style of the ’50s in the comment section below.

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